Czech rivers and lakes

Where to go?

Probably the most famous river is the Vltava River in South Bohemia, where the 16th annual World Fly-Fishing Championship in 1996 was held. After WFFC the Vltava River became more popular and the number of anglers dramatically increased. Moreover the river suffers from big canoeing in summer so that fishing is worse than in the past. In North Bohemia there is the Ohre River, which was Mecca of Czech fly-fishing in the past. But it is over. The situation below the Nechranice Dam changed a lot. A poor stocking of local clubs, cormorants and finally too many anglers who didn´t accept “catch and release” philosophy, caused that fishing is poor there. Luckily there are still wild and clean rivers and lakes in North Bohemia, which can offer the top fly-fishing on wild trout and native graylings.

First of all it is the Jizera River, especially upstream from the town of Semily. More downstream the river is more crowded but the surrounding with sandstone rock formations and castles is unforgettable. The second one is the Labe River near the town of Vrchlabi. Black Nisa Lake in the Jizera Mountains offers an atmosphere of Scandinavian lakes and nicely coloured brook trout can be caught there. May and the 1st half of June and 2nd half of August are generally the best for trout fishing. The most suitable months for graylings fishing are June, September and October. But anyway each month in the season has its own beauty and fishing is never poor.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay in the Czech Republic and you will come back next year and bring your friends with.
Tight your lines!

Rivers and lakes

There are many rivers and lakes in the whole Czech Republic but not all of them are suitable for fly-fishing. The aim is not to give you a complete list of them. But we would like to focus on the most interesting rivers and lakes in our area. We have been fishing them for ages and every year we have the newest information on them.



It is a big mountain river that has a typical light brown colour because of peat bogs around its spring. The river has never been regulated by any dam, especially in the upper canyon is very wild. A fast stream and big boulders complicates wading in these parts.


The area around Vrchlabi is quite popular among fly-fishers. The narrow valley between Spindleruv Mlyn and Vrchlabi offers fishing for wild trout. The bottom is mostly covered with pebbles or flat stones. More downstream it flows through the meadows and villages with a panorama of the Giant Mountains.


A nice valley Peklo is upstream of Nove Mesto. The bottom is made of sandstone and sand. Don´t expect big trout and graylings there. Downstream of Nove Mesto it is a lowland river with non-salmonid regime.


A smaller trout and grayling river upstream of Trutnov. The river has typical red stone plate bed. Mainly it flows through the villages. Downstream of Trutnov the river has non-salmonid regime.

Labska Lake

Quite popular fly-fishing lake lies near Spindleruv Mlyn in the Giant Mountains. Good size trout are usually caught there.


Cerna Nisa Lake

A beautiful lake high in the mountains with brookies only. The only access is on foot.

Kunratice Lake

A small lake lying in the Luzice Mountains offers quiet fly-fishing on nice rainbows.

Horska Kamenice

Near Zelezny Brod there is a wild and deep canyon where you usually fish alone. Most places have to be visited on foot only. Sometimes Kamenice can have a little bit less water in summer months.

Hrenska Kamenice

The lowest trout river in the Czech Republic, where salmons spawned in the past. A few years ago salmons were successfully restocked there. They have started returning again. The sandstone canyon upstream of Hrensko is closed for fishing.


A small wild brook south of Liberec flows through the woods and meadows in an unspoiled valley. Bushes and branches are always a challenge for you. Trout, graylings and seldom chubs are caught here.


In the past it was rather polluted river, nowadays trout and grayling have returned there again. But we still don´t recommend to eat them. The best parts are downstream of Liberec up to German border.


It was “Mecca” of Czech fly-fishing. A lot of fishermen taking fish with, cormorants and a poor stocking changed its reputation into a river where only a few strikes a day are quite common. So that parts downstream of Nechranice dam are not so crowded as before.


Most parts have non-salmonid regime with chubs, perches and seldom trout or grayling. Around Mimon there was a closed military area in the past. The meandering river is really wild there. Also upstream of confluence with Labe there are nice parts.


A little mountain river with a granite bed and less food sources. It flows mainly trough the villages. Downstream of Frydlant it is a meandering river in meadows with more species of fish.