Licence and permit

Most rivers and lakes in the Czech Republic are handled/owned by Czech Fishing Union. Two documents are required for a legal fishing: Czech fishing licence and permit. The foreign fisherman also has to obtain both.

Czech fishing licence is provided by the state and can be bought in municipality offices, town halls. The validity is for 1, 3 or 10 years. To ask for the licence you have to fill in the form, present a valid fishing licence from your home country and finally present passport or ID card.

Permits are provided by Czech Fishing Union. Only the holder of Czech fishing licence is allowed to buy permits. There are day, week, month or year permits for salmonid or non-salmonid waters. The permit can cover an area, river or lake only.

Moreover there are also some private lakes that are not the ownership of Czech Fishing Union and their owners have special rules there.

We really recommend ordering Czech fishing licence and permits in advance with the assistance of your guide or travel agency to minimize your troubles on the spot.

Especially to obtain Czech fishing licence is a little bit bureaucratic procedure, only a few clerks speak English or German and offices are often closed. If you are lucky, you must lose at least 1 day of your holidays. If you have bad luck, you won’t find an open office and permits are sold out.