Kamenice Canyon

This is a newly developed fly-fishing programme in which you will fish two beautiful rivers Horska Kamenice and Jizera. A local fishing clubs has rented long stretches of both rivers and so that fishing of general public is limited. Only 1 permit is necessary and covers more than 10 km of each river. The length of the programme is usually 6 nights and 5 fishing days.


  • The permit covers both rivers, each with more than 10 km of salmonid regime
  • There are more or less private stretches there. Fishing of general public is limited.
  • One guide has maximally 3 anglers
  • Czech nymphing lessons are included in our program
  • You don’t need your own car in the days with our guide

The location

About 100 km to the north of Prague there is a small town of Zelezny Brod. It lies on the foothill of the Jizera Mountains. The Jizera River flows directly through the city and the confluence with the Kamenice River is not far away. Both rivers are suitable for fly-fishing and nymph techniques teaching. We can catch graylings, brownies, and somerainbows there. The biggest fish can be about 35 cm here.


Its full name is Horska Kamenice. It is a smaller mountain river approximately 4-m bride with the depth from 0,5 m to 2 m in some pools. Upstream of confluence with Jizera the river flows through a marvellous and deep canyon. At the bottom there are big boulders, rock walls and also quiet pools and fast rapids shortly an extraordinary fishing place, where you usually fish alone. Most places have to be visited on foot only. Sometimes Kamenice can have a little bit less water in summer months.


It is a big river approximately 20-m bride with the depth from 0,5 m to 2 m. The river has a typical light brown colour because of peat bogs around its spring. Our best stretches are between the confluence with Kamenice and Zelezny Brod. The river flows in a nice forest valley and only a narrow asphalt road goes along its bank. Mostly graylings and rainbows are caught there.

Recommended accommodation

Stary Mlyn in Zelezny Brod is a cosy bed and breakfast pension with a good restaurant on the ground floor. It is suitable for small groups or families.

Programme proposal

1st Sunday:Arrival at Zelezny Brod in the late afternoon. After check in at your house there will be a welcome meeting with general information about fishing regulations and rules. Of course, the first Czech beer in a local pub will follow.

2nd Monday:We’ll start at a nice place of the lowest part of Kamenice Canyon. This place is about 15 minutes drive. During the day we will usually change our fishing place 2 or 3 times. Czech nymphing lesson is also included in the programme. We’ll have a short lunch break in a local village pub where we could try famous Czech dumplings, and of course, Czech beer. After lunch we will be fishing the Jizera River. You will see a completely different river in the afternoon. At about 17.00 we will go back to our house.

3rd Tuesday:We’ll be fishing Kamenice for the whole day. The first place is 10 minutes drive. Our plan for the afternoon is to move more upstream where we always try amazing rapids and pools. Before 17.00 we stop our fishing and drive back to our pension

4th Wednesday:We’ll be fishing Jizera for the whole day. The first place is about 20 minutes drive. Lunch break will be in the same restaurant as on Monday. In the afternoon we will fish Jizera again but new places. We’ll stop our fishing earlier at about 16.30 because we’ll stop at the fly-fishing tackle shop in Zelezny Brod. Then we’ll drive home again.

5th Thursday: You’ll be fishing the river according to your wish. The decision is always made on the spot according to water level and weather. In the case of very bad weather there will be lessons of fly-tying, specialized in nymphs and of course with telling fly-fishing fairy tales.

6th Friday:The programme is nearly same as on Thursday, probably you change the river again.

7th Saturday:Your departure

This programme can be changed according to weather and water level.

Tackle to bring

– Fly-fishing rod AFTM 2-5, length up to 9´-270 cm
– Chest-high waders, breathable are better than neoprene.
– Polarized sunglasses, cap and camera
– The smallest landing net you can buy. Czech fishing law requires the net when fishing.
– Fishing vests with everything you need
– Anything else you can think of