About Us

We are in North Czechia. Our office is in a big city of Liberec and the main base during the fishing season is usually in a small town of Vrchlabi in the Giant Mountains. Both are only 2-hour drive from Prague. For all that our guiding can practically cover the whole Czech Republic we are specialised in North and East Czechia. There is no doubt that we can offer you the best know-how there. We were born here and have been fishing this area for the whole life.

Who is who?

Dear fly-fishing friends,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Petr Axamit. I have been working as a certified travel agent and official fly-fishing guide in the Czech Republic since 1995. One of the most important contracts for me was the guide of the U.S. fly-fishing team during the 16th annual World Fly Fishing Championship in Ceský Krumlov in 1996, and then followed by the official host and judge of the 17th annual WFFC in Jackson, USA in 1997. After WFFC I also became the first non-U.S. citizen that reached “The Wyoming Cuttslam Fly-fishing Program”. But I don’t want to talk about myself too much. Let’s go to our offer.

I create all programmes together with my guide colleagues and with the assistance of my business partners. All programmes are being improved continuously. Many friends of mine helped me with their advice when they passed the programme. So that I’d like to thank Jay Buchner, Guy Speir, André Verhijde, Arjan Terpstra, Bert Schouten, Gert-jan Bremer, Levinus Jongmans, Ed Rietdijk, Stephan Jäger, Peter Tilburgs, Jim Stirland, and Leo Vandenbroeck.

I will guide most of you personally. I always like spending a week with my guests to give them the best services I can. A lot of my guests have become my good friend for life. It is a really great feeling to have good friends all around the world. Please study our offer carefully and don’t hesitate in contacting me with any questions. I would be glad if our offer seems interesting to you.
Here are the most important items in the offer:

  •     For individuals or private parties
  •     Cheaper stay here than at home
  •     Perfect knowledge of the area
  •     Fishing and sightseeing know-how
  •     English speaking guides
  •     Personal contact with clients
  •     Czech gastronomes paradise

I would like to invite you to the heart of Europe, to visit my beautiful native country. I am sure that your stay in the Czech Republic must be one of the best travel experiences in your life. Let’s go fishing with me!

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours, Petr Axamit